Monday, June 27, 2011

Belarus: "the beginning of the end"?

One of GV RuNet Echo editors Alexey Sidorneko has written a good post about the last week's 'silent protest' in Belarus. While we're used to reading about protests organized online in the recent months, this post gives a good overview of some things unique to Belarus; in particular, the use of Russian social network Vkontakte, government going online and trying to engage with protestors through Twitter and LiveJournal, perceptions of Belarusian citizens about these protests being the "beginning of the end" of the regime, etc. 
Alexey has shared many user photos and videos as well. 
More here:

Belarus: Police Crack Down on Minsk Protest

Written by Alexey Sidorenko Posted 24 June 2011 1:19 GMT

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