Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Untold Story of the Victory Day Clashes in Lviv

I was devastated by May 9 clashes in Lviv (Lvov) and the way our media covered it, as well as by how many Ukrainians bought into the picture they saw on TV. I'm still overwhelmed by it all and am not sure I could write anything good about the events. Instead I've decided to link to a well-written post by a new GV author Will Partlett - it provides a general overview of the situation and puts it into a perspective by drawing parallels with other post-Soviet countries. Will also quotes from one of the numerous eyewitness accounts that have recently emerged online, telling how things were staged and how violence was sparked by numerous provocations. 

While  the question of what really happened in Lviv on the Victory Day remains controversial, one thing is clear - the discussion around raising red flags on the holiday in general and tensions in Lviv in particular (together with the whole media hype around it) were meant to deepen divisions in a Ukrainian society, and take peoples' minds off the current anti-government sentiments and critical social and economic issues. 

Will's post can be accessed here:

Ukraine: The Untold Story of the Victory Day Clashes in Lvov

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  1. The violence on Victory Day 2011 in Lviv was a total disgrace. I hope at next years event the army protect the event in this increasingly isolated city. The police seemed unable to keep order this year.