Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Flew Over the..."Mezhyhirya"

Apparently, our journalists got tired of waiting for President Yanukovych to fulfill his 2010 promise [ukr] to show them his "Mezhyhirya" residence (because of which, bthw, we now got one of a few good roads and a helicopter landing pad being built in Kyiv).

Today, reporters from Segodnya [ukr] newspaper have gone on a helicopter ride and released first photos of his lavish mansion.

According to the news source, out of dozen of Kyiv's helicopter clubs and private pilots only one agreed to fly them over "Mezhyhirya" on a condition that they wouldn't reveal his name. (Some said [ukr] they were afraid of getting shot while flying or being fired for taking journalists' offer).

Nevretheless, because of one brave pilot of Robinson-44 from Kyiv region, we finally got an actual idea of what "Mezhyhirya" is like.

Take a look yourself! (all photos by Segodnya)
A 'Club house', with a waterfall nearby and an indoor tennis court
A small private creek with a crossing
A waterfall
An arbor
A helicopter aerodrome
I suppose now the rumors about “Mezhyhirya” should finally stop. I must admit, however, that we all sort of guessed a while ago why Mr. President has been so reluctant to reveal this modest home to the public...

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